The organic foaming shower gel by Cattier

A French brand acquired by the German company, Hartmann, Cattier proves it is possible to combine an organic ethos with strong growth. The reasons for its success lie in affordable products that respect the environment and the skin.

At the foundation: clay

It all started in 1968 with Pierre Cattier. One day his passion for alternative medicines led him to a friend’s quarry. He discovered clay and its virtues before marketing its products. In 2011, the Hartmann Group acquired the brand but retained the factory and offices in Bondoufle (the Paris Region) where the products are produced from start to finish. Cattier’s values also endure: no testing on animals and a minimal carbon footprint deliver a formula that now appeals internationally. “After Europe, we are increasingly exporting to Asia,” declares Cattier’s director Alexis Fort.

Bestselling family foam

Certified Ecocert, like other products by the same brand, this family foaming shower gel contains no contentious ingredients: zero parabens, preservatives, synthetic fragrances, GMO, or petrochemical derived compounds… With 98.9% of ingredients originating from natural origins, including yogurt extract, cornflower water and essential oil of grapefruit, this product is suitable for the whole family’s skin and hair. Priced at about €7 for 500 ml, it would be a shame to miss out!