Share Your Office: turnkey office space with flexible terms for Paris Region businesses

In partnership with Paris Region Entreprises, the “Share Your Office” platform features a commercial property plan that stands out with extremely flexible terms. Mathilde Estour, the website’s Sales Manager, provided some details.

Succeed: How does the positioning of Share Your Office shake up the commercial property market?

Our core activity is a web platform to put people with vacant commercial space in contact with people looking for space. This can range from a co-working space for one person up to an entire 1,000 m2 (11,000 ft2) floor of open space. What distinguishes us is that, legally speaking, we are a service provider. Our approach is more flexible than conventional real estate contracts. This is a very important point, because a young company today – whether French or foreign – is not in a position to sign for three, six or nine years. With Share Your Office, they are only committed for two months. This allows the company to manage its growth with no strings attached.

Beyond this flexibility, what are the other benefits of your service for foreign companies?

We save them time and money! On a day-to-day basis, the customer has nothing to manage. He moves into a turnkey office with all the necessities already provided: furniture, electricity, internet, etc. And there are no extra costs! The customer pays one monthly fee. It’s very simple, especially when you do not speak the language. The third advantage concerns synergies. A company that sets up shop in the Paris Region will be building a new network: clients, partners, new employees, and so forth. Rather than just offering them co-working centers, these are true shared professional spaces. Each company has its own space, but all the occupants of the building share large common areas. This makes it easy to meet your neighbors and interact with them.

What is your viewpoint on the trends in the Paris Region real estate market?

The typology of our customers has changed since we launched the website. Originally, we worked a lot with independent businesses. Our growth has allowed us to meet the needs of medium-sized businesses, and even major groups. In terms of trends, we find that our customers really like atypical spaces. For example, we offer space on the site of a former industrial workshop in the Stalingrad district of Paris. This space has been renovated by an architect with a wooden platform measuring over 30 x 20 m (66 x 98 ft) divided up like a maze to accommodate more than 40 workstations under a leafy canopy. This location is very popular on our website. Our customers are looking for an enjoyable work environment.


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