Paris rated one of top 4 most attractive cities worldwide

At the end of 2016, the PwC audit firm revealed the results of its “Cities of Opportunity” study, an international ranking of 30 cities. The only French metropolis on the list, Paris landed in fourth place, ahead of New York (6th), San Francisco (8th) and Berlin (12th).

A rating two places higher than before! That’s great news for Paris, as compared to the previous edition of the PwC study in 2014. The laudable fourth place ranking – its best since 2011 – is explained by the presence of Paris in the “top 10” for nine of the ten major criteria used. “Paris’ high rating is due to a few specific elements, plus a very strong foundation in all the families of criteria, demonstrating consistent quality and unmatched consistency,” explained Fabien Goffi, partner at PwC France, in an interview on Europe 1 radio.

Number 1 worldwide for quality of life

Notably, the City of Light stands out with its quality of life, rated best in the world. In this category, Paris finished in a tie with New York. The Paris Region also shined in many sub-criteria like public transport coverage (1st), cultural vitality (2nd), the presence of corporate headquarters (3rd), intellectual capital and innovation (3rd), not to mention public gardens (3rd).

Fourth and rising?

With its rise toward the top of the rankings, could the Paris Region now dream of grabbing first place from its British neighbor? “Within two years, London could take the hit from a long period of adjustment, which is giving rise to instability and volatility, as well as nervousness in markets and the gradual depletion of foreign investment, which loom on the horizon,” predicts Eric Bertier, partner at PwC, in the study. The competition is underway! Check back in 2018 for the results.


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