Business tourism: Disneyland® Paris is renovating its reception areas

There’s something new at Disneyland Paris! Following the opening of a renovated convention center at Disney’s Newport Bay Club hotel in September, it was the Disney Events Arenas turn for a facelift this fall. After a one-month closure for the work to be carried out, the 7,200 m2 (77,500 ft2) space reopened in early November. It now boasts the equipment to host any type of event: conventions, parties, exhibitions, shows and sporting events. This was the occasion to take stock with Nicolas Dupeux – Director of Disney Business Solutions – on Disneyland Paris’ “business tourism” strategy.

Succeed: What are the strong points of Disneyland Paris that attract business customers?

Nicolas Dupeux: Our job is to assist our business customers when they host and organize events within the Disneyland Paris destination. This amounts to approximately 850 events per year. Our greatest strength is that we offer a fully integrated site. We have event locations (including 2 convention centers and 2 event spaces), accommodations (7 hotels) and numerous restaurants, as well as the leading TGV hub in France (Eurostar, TGV). But, above all, an event taking place here will have a very strong impact on the participants via the emotional power of the Disneyland Paris destination. Our commitment is “Return On Emotion.”


Succeed: Ensuring that emotional commitment… was this also behind your recent facilities upgrades?

Disneyland Paris will celebrate its 25th year in 2017. To prepare for this anniversary, we launched – two years ago – an extensive renovation program targeting the amusement park attractions, the hotels, and the convention centers and event spaces. We spent eight months completely renovating the convention center at Disney’s Newport Bay Club to make the spaces more modular and equip them with the latest video technologies, including the projectors and screens. Disney Events Arena was, until now, always rented empty. Now it is preinstalled with equipment, lights and structures that allow our customers to have a “plug & play” space for their events. It is also at the heart of our diversification into the production of “proprietary” events based around sports and entertainment. A good example is the first half marathon at Disneyland Paris, which took place last September in both Disney parks.

What part of your business comes from foreign customers? Do you offer them a specific approach?

Today, foreign customers represent about a quarter of our activity. These customers are a key to our development. To convince them, we spotlight our unparalleled ease of access. I’m talking about access by rail, but also by air, since the Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport is just 10 minutes from our parks via the TGV train. Abroad, we particularly target very large companies whose needs will be met by our 19,300 m2 (207,000 ft2) of space and our 5,800 hotel rooms.


Disney Events Arena

Total area: 7,200 m2 (77,500 ft2)
Capacity: up to 6,000 people for cocktails
New for 2016: 14 motorized bridges 31 m (102 ft) in length with 108 LED spotlights
On the calendar: M&I Forum 2017, March 2017