About us

Succeed in Paris Region is the digital magazine about business, economy, innovation and lifestyle in the City of lights’ area.  Interviews with top entrepreneurs and business leaders, latest business news and events, tips and advice, challenges and opportunities, insight and expert opinion… all you need on the road to success.

Locating to Paris Region? Growing your business? Fan of Paris Region? This mag is for you !

Succeed in Paris Region is powered by the economic development agency known as Paris Region Entreprises. Paris Region Entreprises helps entrepreneurs, small business owners and SMEs expand their businesses and set up their offices in Paris Region through a customized full range of services, confidential and completely free of charge.

Paris Region Entreprises’ main goals:

  • To attract foreign companies with growth potential into the Paris Region and assist in their settlement,
  • To provide businesses with long-term guidance in their development.

Paris Region Entreprises has a network of international offices in strategic locations worldwide – areas capable of generating substantial business growth and where a continuous presence is vital in order to promote Paris Region’s economy and technological capability. Paris Region Entreprises has opened offices in China, the USA, and Israel.

Paris Region Entreprises
Bâtiment Paris Region/028
11, rue de Cambrai
75019 Paris
Tél. +33 (0) 175 625 840
Email: contact@parisregionentreprises.org