10 places to practice English in the Paris Region

Want to exchange some banter about the Queen over tea? No need to take the Eurostar to sing Beatles songs this fall… Just meet up in the region’s bilingual bars, English stores and dinner theaters.

1) Treading the boards

Why not let loose and be guided towards Shakespeare. Improvisations, role-playing, plus techniques working on character and the body, Maison Pour Tous offers courses based on English plays, and set in a real theater too!
Maison Pour Tous, Chatou (78)

2) Play at being Sherlock Holmes in a submarine!

HintHunt Paris

All those passing through the Hinthunt door sporting a gabardine raincoat and monocle can be admitted to three different settings: the office of a fusty detective, a Zen Japanese room or an uncanny submarine. A fun puzzle must be solved in French and English ! jointly by the groups in each setting.
Hinthunt, Paris 3


3) Practicing “British-yoga”

Let’s Play Family is a bilingual recreation space where you can practice yoga and Pilates with English speaking instructors. With the added bonus that your kids can mount a musical comedy while you stretch your chakras… one stone, two birds.
Let’s Play Family, Paris 11

4) Burlesque brunch

Come sample muffins in fishnet stockings and combine two great trends from across the Atlantic: brunch and burlesque. The very San Francisco Burlesque Moulin show is performed in English and French. And it goes without saying – champagne will flow!
Café-théâtre Burlesque Moulin, Paris 2

5) Sipping from a porcelain cup

More Than Cakes is a little piece of England in the guise of a tearoom and original concept store. Treat yourself from the selection of cheesecakes, scones and cream tea… and enjoy a little shopping from a range of decorative objects and original gifts, in a cozy ambiance!
More Than Cakes, Saint-Germain-en-Laye (78)

6) Going out to the theater

For lovers of English culture, the Theatre in English Association will guide you to the must-see plays of 2016-2017. Watch out especially for The Real Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde, programmed for early 2017.
L’Alhambra, Paris 10

7) Break down and tuck into some fish & chips!

In a typically English setting, The Bitter End guarantees an exciting atmosphere with its unmissable quiz nights on Sundays, featuring pre-match fish and chips or Real Ale beer imported from England served in maxi pints…
The Bitter End, Saint Germain en Laye (78)

8) Doing a Meg Ryan in Paris

The legendary English language bookshop of the Latin Quarter offers an opportunity to reconnect with your inner Meg Ryan. Small glasses, a highbrow vibe and tartan suspenders… maybe you’ll meet your very own Tom Hanks!
Shakespeare & Company, Paris 5

9) Having your cake and eating it too!

Ever thought about learning English whilst making pecan cranberry oatmeal cookies? Now, it’s possible! The New Yorker Teri Multon plans to introduce parents and kids to American culture through cookery workshops. As Gordon Ramsay will be nowhere around, a fairly relaxed atmosphere is on the cards…
Let’s cook in English, Versailles (78)

10) Attend a colorful one-man show

show-giraud-succeed-paris-regionOlivier Giraud’s one-man show “How to Become Parisian in One Hour” is performed entirely in English. Screamingly funny, he offers a veritable survival guide for enjoying Paris and Parisians. Hell is other people!

Théâtre des nouveautés, Paris 9